AUSTIN (KXAN) — AC is a game changer when the temperatures rise, but did you know that not all school buses are equipped with AC.

Stephanie Chaple has been a bus driver for Austin ISD for 23 years, she knows just how hot driving a bus can be in the Texas heat.

“The AC is very important in this Texas heat, probably the most important thing,” said Chaple.

Austin ISD has about 500 buses, but many of the buses don’t have AC.

“So when we start the school year this year about 80% of all routes will have AC on them,” said Kris Hafezizadeh, AISD transportation director.

Hafezizadeh said they make sure longer routes use the buses that have AC, but that means some of the shorter routes, which can take 30-45 minutes have to go without it.

“All of our buses, they have fans inside,” said Hafezizadeh. “Fans will help a little bit, but not so much because it still blows the heat to you.”

The district plans on adding new buses next year that will be equipped with air conditioning.

“By next year at this time that we are talking, all of our routes will have AC on them,” Hafezizadeh said.

Right now almost 70 routes are without AC according to Hafezizadeh.

“When you are in an air conditioned environment you work better, you operate better and we want the same thing in our school buses,” said Hafezizadeh.

Money from the 2022 bond will go towards getting new buses.