SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — Door safety is on a lot of districts’ minds because of what happened at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. San Marcos CISD started its first day of classes with a new system that sends an alert when a door is propped open for too long.

“An administrator on the campus will receive a text message notification, and they’ll also receive an email notification to let them know what door was propped open and where on the campus it is, so they can get to that door and close it,” San Marcos CISD Chief of Communications Andrew Fernandez said.

It doesn’t take long for that message to be sent. Fernandez said just 15 seconds will trigger the notification.

Keeping both exterior and interior doors locked and secured is a focus this year.

“School district procedure we shared with our staff this summer at our safety meeting was that every instructional door must be locked,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez said ahead of the school year, the district also checked all of its doors to make sure they worked properly.

“Every exterior door, every interior door to see you know if its locked will it lock right correctly?” Fernandez said.

San Marcos High School Senior Elizabeth Hiracheta said she doesn’t mind the extra precautions.

“I don’t see a problem with it. I feel like either way it should be locked. I feel like it should be locked at all times,” Hiracheta said.

Hiracheta said school just started and senioritis already kicked in, but these security measures do give her some peace of mind while she completes this last year.

“At least we know they’re trying to keep us safe,” Hiracheta said.

Fernandez said the district is also bringing in security guards to campuses for the first few weeks of school. They’ll be there alongside the school resource officers assigned to different campuses.