GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) – Multiple students at a Georgetown middle school are being investigated over an incident that happened at a home off campus in late March, according to school officials.

The allegations prompted protests from parents this week who said the school district has not properly handled the incident and has allowed students who are being criminally investigated back on campus. Parents showed up before and after school Monday.

The school district did not confirm to KXAN whether any students being investigated are still attending classes in person but said Monday disciplinary action is pending the results of the investigation.

The school district said it was made aware of allegations that happened at a private home involving several Benold Middle School students, and the Georgetown Police Department is investigating.

Benold Middle School Principal Brandon Jayroe sent out an email to parents Friday about the ongoing investigation into what happened the previous weekend.

“Please know that we take very seriously any concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of our students both on and off-campus,” Jayroe wrote in the letter to parents. “It’s currently under investigation, and we are in contact with the authorities and the families directly involved.”

KXAN is working to confirm what happened and will update this story as we get more information.

Police could not comment on the nature of the incident nor any charges the minors might face, citing state-mandated legal protections for minors’ privacy.

“We are taking this incident very seriously. Unfortunately, this incident involves juveniles and under Texas law, we cannot discuss the incident, nor can we provide information about pending, possible, or actual charges,” said Chief of Police Cory Tchida.

Georgetown Police said it wanted to assure the community it will take appropriate action after it learns “all the facts.”

“We are sensitive to the significant community concern and understandable interest in this incident,” the department said, in part, in a statement.

LaRessa Neuman was one of several parents outside Benold Middle School Monday protesting the district’s handling of the incident.

“As parents, we want the kids removed from the school. We have expressed this to the school board. We have expressed this to the school. We were told the children could not be removed from the school. After researching the Code of Conduct, the children can be removed,” Neuman said.

According to school district spokesperson Melinda Brasher, students are held to a code of conduct that may include disciplinary action for off-campus activities.

The Georgetown ISD Code of Conduct outlines the process of removing a student from school for misconduct, which always requires notifying the parent or guardian. Certain offenses require a student to be placed in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program, including making a false report related to a bomb, committing a felony offense, dealing drugs and assault. Students must be expelled if they bring a gun to school, commit an aggravated assault or robbery or kill someone. It says a student facing allegations of sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation could be immediately removed from campus after the district conducts an individualized analysis – and if the district finds it necessary to protect a student from immediate harm.