AUSTIN (KXAN) — The University of Texas at Austin is the most popular college/university in the Lone Star State for a Sugar Baby, one dating site claims.

Sugar Baby University, a scholastic branch of the world’s largest Sugar Daddy/Momma dating site SeekingArrangement, recently released a report detailing the universities most attended by its registered users, according to KPRC in Houston.

Sugar Baby University says it currently has 8,772,014 female Sugar Babies and 3,278,736 male Sugar Babies. Meanwhile, the site lists 2,101,359 Sugar Daddies and only 370,498 Sugar Mommas.

The University of Texas at Austin came in first statewide and 14th nationwide. Here’s the breakdown.

  1. University of Texas at Austin – 1,118 student members
  2. Texas A&M University – 997
  3. Texas State University – 945
  4. University of Texas at San Antonio – 887
  5. University of Houston – 863
  6. University of North Texas – 742
  7. Texas Tech University – 635
  8. University of Texas at Arlington – 439
  9. Houston Community College – 358
  10. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – 283
  11. University of Texas at El Paso – 247
  12. University of Texas at Dallas – 245
  13. Dallas Community College – 215
  14. Austin Community College District – 170

SeekingArrangement claims that 30% of its registered Sugar Babies use their money for tuition and school-related expenses, KPRC says.

Student loan debt statistics

According to Federal Student Aid, there are about 43 million total federal student loan borrowers and about $1.4 trillion in total outstanding federal student loan debt. Federal Student Aid’s Q1 2019 report indicates that there are about 5.2 million federal loan borrowers currently in default.

Meanwhile, private student loans make up about 8% of the outstanding student loans in the U.S., according to MeasureOne’s Private Student Loan Q3 2019 Report. The total outstanding private student loan debt total is $124.65 billion. Out of these loans, about 1.46% are at least over 90 days overdue.

According to Nerdwallet and the Florida College Access Network, about 37% of 2018 high school graduates did not complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, leaving an average amount of $3,908 on the table. The total money left unclaimed by students not utilizing the FAFSA is $2.6 billion.