MANOR, Texas (KXAN) — Manor Independent School District leaders notified families about a rabid bat near Lagos Elementary on Wednesday, and now Manor Police are trying to contact those families of 15 kindergarten students seen near it or playing with it.

Manor Police said there’s video from the district of the students around the rabid bat at 9 a.m. Monday.

Families of students who encountered the animal were alerted and referred to a physician, Manor ISD said. The campus will be screened and inspected by trained personnel to look for any more bats or pests and will notify families if they are found.

If a parent has any questions about a child’s potential exposure to the rabid bat, the district asks you to call its assistant director of Health Services and Wellness at (512) 278-4093 and Manor Animal Control at (512) 230-8348.

Lagos Elementary is the same school that was shut down earlier this week, due to a positive COVID-19 case among a campus staff member.

Lagos is one of four schools to report a COVID-19 case in the district. Lagos will reopen to students after being deep cleaned on Nov. 17.

Additionally, the district announced Wednesday that a campus staff member at Manor New Tech High School and a staff member at Decker Elementary also tested positive for COVID-19.