LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN) — Early voting begins next week for the May 1 election, and Liberty Hill Independent School District voters will see a nearly $500 million bond proposal on their ballots.

There are four different propositions detailed in the $491.7 million proposal, which includes renovations to current schools, land acquisitions and the construction of new schools.

“It is a tremendous amount of money, and we understand that,” said Liberty Hill Superintendent Steven Snell. “We understand the amount of trust involved within our community.”

5,700 students currently go to school inside Liberty Hill ISD. Snell expects that number to grow by 18% over the next two years, with 1,000 students coming in a year.

“Even during this year of COVID while several districts have seen a loss in enrollment, we are up by a little under 800 students,” said Snell.

Proposition A at $457.7 million would build two new elementary schools, a middle school and a high school and buy land for those schools. It would also help renovate and expand current schools.

Proposition B at $8 million would pay for technology devices for both students and staff.

Proposition C at $6 million would include the expansion of the Liberty Hill High School stadium, and Prop D at $20 million would cover building a stadium for high school #2.

Snell said the property tax rate would not increase.

“By state law, that tax cannot go above .50 per $100 in home valuation,” said Snell. “Liberty Hill has had bonds recently, and we are already at that .50.”

The district still expects more revenue, due to an increase in property values and rapid growth bringing more taxpayers in.

Election Day is May 1, but early voting begins Monday.