LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — Leander ISD is looking to fill 80 teaching positions before the school year begins, but the district is also looking for substitute teachers.

“We are looking to have 750 substitutes a year just to be comfortable, but we aren’t at that point yet,” said Rachel Acosta, Leander ISD spokesperson.

On Tuesday, LISD held a job expo and training for substitutes.

“I am willing to learn anything,” said Reni Gurgeva, who was going through training.

LISD used to have a company that handled hiring substitutes, but this year, the district will handle the hiring duties.

“It is a great way to help your community, especially with the teacher shortage that we are having,” said Bonny Jones, who reapplied to be a sub in LISD.

A non-certified substitute can make $115 dollars a day, but those with extra training can make $120 a day.

“Substitutes do not need to have a degree, and they do not need to be teacher certified, but there is extra benefits,” said Acosta.

Gurgeva said this new position might offer new opportunities in the future.

“Maybe that is going to give me a step in the door. I have always wanted to work in schools.”