AUSTIN (KXAN) — In-person learning will start one day earlier for the Austin Independent School District.

Austin ISD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Elizalde announced Monday during a board meeting that in-person learning will start Monday, Oct. 5, not Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Elizalde gave brief descriptions of what the phased-in plan could look like for each school level but said more details are forthcoming and plans could be tweaked.

For elementary students, Elizalde said the district is hoping to welcome Pre-K and kindergarten students on campus first, since younger kids benefit the most from in-person learning.

For secondary school students, Elizalde said they will likely report to a homeroom with a teacher, but stay online for the second four weeks of school. Meals will also be delivered to classes.

For high school students, Elizalde said they’ll likely have the option for a hybrid model where students learn remotely and in-person on alternating days.

She said the district will be releasing more information on how in-person learning will work before the survey ends, so parents can make a more-informed decision.

Among other announcements, she said the district will be moving forward with scrimmages and games for athletics.

The district also said it has spent $24.4 million on COVID-19 supplies so far, mostly for personal protective equipment and technology, but at this point, it is only aware of $2.3 million that could be reimbursed.