AUSTIN (KXAN) — Some classrooms could soon be shaken up at the Austin Independent School District.

The district said Monday it will soon start leveling. That process places students into a different class than where they began the year to help even out the number of students in the classrooms.

AISD said leveling also will provide relief to teachers in need of more support.

“We look at student enrollment data to make a determination to see where teachers should be,” said Norma Castillo, assistant superintendent of human capital systems with AISD. “So we are really looking for pockets of under enrollment and moving teachers to where we have an over enrollment.”

Parents were told they would receive a notice by the end of the week if their child’s classroom is affected.

Austin ISD said Aug. 29 it was still working to fill 206 vacancies, but new numbers show that the district now needs to fill more than 300 teaching positions.

“There have been changes due to teacher resignations,” said Castillo.

The district said it was able to hire more than 800 new teachers this summer. That brought Austin ISD to a 95.9% fill rate, the district said.

“I think what is important here is how are we communicating the needs for leveling when we don’t even have enough teachers to fill all the positions in the district on the first day and even five weeks in,” said Ken Zarifis with Education Austin.

The district said it only had to move seven teachers to different campuses. There are about 10 teachers so far that were changed to different grades within their current schools.

Austin ISD will host a job fair Sept. 24 at Delco Activity Center from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can apply on the district’s career page.