AUSTIN (KXAN) — Students at one local high school reported to KXAN that fire alarms go off so often they ignore or dismiss them.

Many are now worried if there is a real emergency, there will be a slow response.

After unveiling its new campus for the first time this fall, Austin ISD’s Eastside Early College High School has been hit with many false fire alarms. Students say there have been over 30 emergency drills since the start of the school year.

“We kept on getting fire alarms like every single day but we don’t know what’s the problem,” said student Marcos Lopez.

“When you’re in class it just goes off and whenever you’re trying to learn like it’s just beeping and beeping and beeping,” said student Alisa Gil.

These fire alarms occur so often that some teachers send their students back into the classroom while they’re still ringing.

“Sometimes it gets to the point where they just keep us in the class,” said student Dawn Kramer.

Linda VillaFuerte has been selling ice cream outside the school for 27 years and she’s seen her sales increase during these drills.

“They just come running out of the door to come and buy ice cream and then they line up for a while and go back inside,” said VillaFuerte.

She fears that this could create an unsafe environment in the case of an actual emergency.

“They’re just taking it like a joke but when something really happens, you know that’s the main concern,” said VillaFuerte.

Austin ISD told KXAN that the fire alarms are too sensitive and were being set off by fragrances and steam. The district said it has corrected the design and is replacing them. Some students still have concerns.

“It’s a safety concern because like what if there is one and we don’t take it seriously because they go off so much,” said student Kailah Acosta.

KXAN has reached out to the district for further information on when it plans on replacing the school’s faulty fire alarms. We will update this story when we hear back.