LOCKHART, Texas (KXAN) — A Lockhart Independent School District parent has two kids at home quarantining on the first day of school, after one tested positive for COVID-19 a week earlier.

The parent doesn’t want to be identified, because her kids are young and in a sensitive predicament. But the parent, who we’ll call “Marie,” is frustrated, feeling as if she wasn’t given enough direction by the school district.

“My biggest concern is just my kids falling further and further and further behind,” she said.

Lockhart ISD has a virtual option in place for students who will have to quarantine — but that won’t begin until Aug. 30, about a week and a half after school began.

In the meantime, Marie’s students are at home and won’t be able to return to school in-person until Aug. 23 and Sept. 3, she said.

“They have to make sure that once her 10 days is up, he quarantines for another 10 days, so he doesn’t start showing symptoms,” the Lockhart ISD parent said.

So what will these kids do for now?

Here are some key questions all parents might want to ask if their kids test positive.

  1. How long will they be required to quarantine at home?
  2. What are the quarantine requirements for siblings who live in the same household?
  3. How will students keep up with school work from home?
  4. Will a virtual option be available on the first day of school?
  5. What is the absence policy regarding students who have to quarantine because of COVID-19?

Lockhart ISD said students who aren’t present on the first day are not considered enrolled but rather coded as a “no show.” The district said a student will not be technically enrolled until the first day they are present.

“I’m just really, really frustrated with the situation,” the parent said. “Obviously I know that they’re super busy, but I just feel like the kids that are going to be out, there’s really no priority on what to do with them.

Lockhart ISD said it will make sure students who are absent three days or less still get their assignments, which is a practice that was in place before the pandemic.

For students who do have to quarantine, the district said they’ll get daily virtual instruction from an instructor outside of their assigned teacher, once virtual learning begins the second week of school.

Lockhart ISD is asking parents with specific questions to email LISDcovidquestions@lockhart.txed.net to contact staff directly.

Every district’s COVID-19 protocols look a little different. It’s best to check directly with your school district for specific insight.

“My biggest advice to other parents going through it is stay involved, stay on top of it,” Marie said. “I think if I hadn’t made a big deal about… if I hadn’t been calling them over and over and over again to try to get something figured out, they [my kids] wouldn’t be getting anything.”