AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Tuesday, two drag performers were attacked after leaving the popular downtown Austin nightclub, Barbarella. The performers were robbed and beaten so badly, one was left with missing teeth and the other has a broken leg.

Robbie “Serotonin” Foster says he and a fellow performer were walking near the area by the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless and Salvation Army Wednesday morning after the “TuesGayz” themed night at the bar.

“I remember somebody behind me trying to talk to me and then all the sudden my purse was yanked,” Foster remembers.

Police say a car pulled up, one person got out and assaulted the two performers. As the car sped away, it hit Foster’s friend, breaking his leg. The suspects are still on the run.

“I was sitting there on my butt just pouring blood from my mouth and I think maybe my body just triggered into blackout mode where I didn’t feel any pain or anything,” Foster says. “The next thing I remember was being in the ambulance and then at the hospital.”

Foster says he can’t remember how many attackers there were, only a vague description.

“I remember one of them being a little bit taller than me and lighter skinned and curly, curly hair, but that’s about all I remember,” Foster said.

Police have not confirmed anything, but Foster says he can’t help but wonder if their attack was a hate crime.

“It’s scary to think it was, I personally have never dealt with that to that degree, I want to say it wasn’t, but there could be a strong possibility that it could’ve been,” Foster said. “They knew the two of us were alone and they could tell that we weren’t going to be too much to handle, I’d had a few cocktails and I know [my friend] had too.”

Despite the violence, Foster says he won’t be scared away from his own city. “I’m not gonna be bullied or victimized or nobody’s gonna stop me from doing what I want to do I’ll just be a lot more cautious,” he said. “Be safe, you know, take care of each other, travel in packs and know your surroundings.”

Friends of the victims have set up a fundraising page to help with medical expenses from the attack. A local Austin bar is also hosting a benefit drag show, where part of the proceeds will also go to help the victims.

Police have made no arrests.