AUSTIN (KXAN) — In the mystery of Samantha Dean’s death the question “who is the father of the baby she was carrying?” still does not have a public answer. A Bastrop County deputy found her dead this month, lying next to her car behind a shopping center.

DNA holds the answer to the question about the father. Paternity tests regularly use samples to determine who the father of a child is.

“The DNA is really the same… whether the child is born or not,” said Dr. Michael Baird with the DNA Diagnostics Center. “The DNA tests that we do [take] a matter of days. Our typical turn around time is two days at DDC. But once the samples arrive in the laboratories, it’s a fairly straightforward process.”

Dr. Vincent J.M. Di Maio, the chief Medical Examiner in Bexar County and presiding officer of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, says tests can take a few weeks to produce results, if there is a backlog in testing. He also says that if the paternity test is extensive enough, the results are “virtually foolproof.”

“They’re very very accurate, typically you’ll get probability of paternity if there’s an inclusion of 99.999 percent or greater,” said Baird.

Investigators have not yet said whether they have collected DNA in order to test for paternity in this case.