Williamson County (KXAN) — Williamson County detectives released new digital sketches today in the cold case of Rachel Cook, who disappeared while jogging 18 years ago.

Detectives are now looking for information for the drawn persons of interest. The FBI and forensic artists re-interviewed the witnesses from the day she went missing, and hope they’ll lead to results.

A gathering in Williamson County Friday will likely be the last organized remembrance vigil around Rachel Cooke’s memorial. Her mother Janet is looking for something more, personal.

“It’s just hard for me emotionally to go through this publicly, you know. There have been occasions that I’ve looked at the tree alone. I haven’t talked to anybody. Didn’t notify anyone. I just come and sit and talk to Rachel,” said Janet Cooke, Rachel’s mother.

She’s looked for Rachel ever since she went missing on a run in 2002. Rachel was 19; last seen about 200 yards from her home. Nearly two-decades on her family still shows up to this memorial and still remembers

“Nothing is going to take and bring back all the years, that 18 years, that I’ve been without her. Every day I think about her, at least a hundred thousand times a day. She’s part of me. And I’m not going to give up,” said Cooke.

She’s not and neither are Williamson County detectives like Jason Cox. He has six dedicated reserve officers in this case. The new sketches released Friday, he believes, could shake up the case and remind the community of their search.

“Whoever is responsible. I don’t want them to feel any comfort. I want them to know that we are going to continue to work this every single day until we come up with a resolution for the family,” said Detective Cox.

In December of 2018, Williamson County Sheriff Chody started a mysterious dig along a road after a tip on this case. At the time, he did not confirm if anything was found during the excavation.