AUSTIN (KXAN) Over the past two weeks, a pair of stray dogs have killed over five cats within the Wooten neighborhood in North Austin.

Carie Hendrick lives in a nearby condominium complex.

She said a number of neighbors have reported these incidents of their pets being under attack to 311.

Yet, help hasn’t arrived.

“Everyone’s very much on edge with their own pets and worried about the prey instinct of these dogs,” Hendrick said.

These dogs typically hunt between dawn and dusk, as numerous neighbors have tallied these attacks on a shared spreadsheet.

“My biggest fear is that we just keep losing more cats,” Hendrick said. “Last night, we lost a mama cat and her kittens.”

Down the street, Kim Martinez shared similar concerns for her cat Weasley.

“My biggest concern is that Weasley could be out in the yard,” she said. “These dogs could come by and attack and kill him.”

Another nearby neighbor, Meme Kyle won’t walk alone outside with her 20-month-old daughter.

“I will not walk her here,” she said. “I actually started walking my dog in another neighborhood. I just drive to another neighborhood and walk him there.”

Jenna Hanes works for Austin City Councilmember José “Chito” Vela, who represents this North Austin neighborhood.

She said this problem is a city staffing issue.

“Unfortunately, with the staffing levels that the animal protection office has right now, there is simply not enough people around for proactive measures,” Hanes said. “Like more frequent patrols in the area.”

Nevertheless, Martinez hopes the City steps up before more pets are killed.

“We want animal control to show up when the dogs are actively outside,” she said.

If you see these stray dogs, Vela’s office is asking you to call 911 to report aggressive animals. That way, animal protection officers can arrive on site, as soon as possible.