Note: Some of the language used may be sensitive to young readers.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Loammy Ortiz says a man barged through her patio door with his pants down and she still has to see him at her apartment complex every day.

“I heard a loud noise in back of me and then when I turned around there was this guy with his penis out,” she said. “He kept going to me even though I was telling him to stop and ask what he was doing in my house.”

Austin police tell us this is an active investigation and no arrests have been made. Officers confirmed APD responded to the apartment complex – which Ortiz and her husband asked us not to identify – on Tuesday, May 10 around 8:30 p.m. When we looked up the case number, it yielded a criminal trespass incident report.

“To have the law tell us that they’re not gonna protect us by keeping this man away from us is preposterous,” said Devonte Banks, Ortiz’ husband.

Ortiz says she was home alone at the time while Banks ran an errand. When Banks returned, he took cellphone video of the man he says invaded the home as they waited for police. He says the man appeared distressed and under the influence.

“Our biggest concern is to warn the community and get him away from my wife,” he said. He added that the man’s residence is just across the parking lot from their home.

“I want no one to have this experience again, this was horrible,” Ortiz said through tears. “I didn’t want him to get near because I didn’t know if this man did have something, if he had a gun, if he had a knife, so the first thing that came to me was to start screaming.”

KXAN asked police why this was entered as a criminal trespass case, but investigators said they cannot discuss the details yet because the case is still open.