Woman accused of threatening ‘killing spree’ at Givens District Park, mom accused of handing her the gun



AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police have arrested a woman and her mother in connection to an incident at Givens District Park in central east Austin, where the woman reportedly waved a gun at a group of people.

According to the warrants, the incident started on July 31, when Victoria Yett, 27, reportedly made a series of threats on Facebook against multiple people over payment of a $2,300 debt she says she was owed. Police say one of the posts included Yett saying [toward the people mentioned] that she would “blow your brains out” if any of them “walked up on her $40K Jupiter Red Benz.”

Yett also reportedly told people to bring their “iPhones” because she was going to make national news for a “killing spree” at Givens Park at 6 p.m.

At around 8:40 p.m., an officer says he observed a red Mercedes-Benz pull into Givens Park and park next to a large group of people, which included children. The officer says he saw a black female, identified as Yett, emerge from the sunroof and point the gun at the group.

According to the warrants, as police approached, Yett dropped down back into the car and police were able to detain the passenger, Yett’s mother, Koy Hutchinson, 57.

One of the victims told police that when Yett reportedly emerged from the sunroof, they’d seen the person in the car hand a long black gun to her. According to police, there was only one other person in the vehicle — Hutchinson.

The victim told police Yett was pointing the gun toward the group — several of the the victim’s family members, including many children — waving the gun and saying “I’m gonna shoot this b**** up!”

The victim says they started running.

When police spoke to Yett, they say she was rambling and difficult to understand. According to the warrants, she was “under the influence of an unknown substance,” which police say included behavior such as jolted movements, erratic/fast speech, inability to concentrate or stay on topic.

Yett reportedly told police that she went to the park to retrieve a vehicle she had loaned someone she knew and that when she got there, the person wasn’t there and she’d gotten upset that she’d been set up to get arrested.

Police say Yett admitted she’d taken the gun to the park and that it was within her rights to do so and that she was ready to “blow heads off” if she needed to. Yett reportedly said her Facebook posts were made in “defense” because people wanted her dead because she has a nice car.

Officers then spoke to Hutchinson, who reportedly told them that her daughter had picked her up from south Austin to bring her to Givens Park to pick up the vehicle she’d allegedly lent out.

Police say Hutchinson said that on the way to the park she became concerned about things her daughter was saying. When asked what her daughter was saying, however, Hutchinson reportedly wouldn’t say.

Hutchinson says she tried to convince her daughter not to do what she was about to do. The woman denied handing her daughter the gun, police say. She also denied ever touching the gun, but later said she had touched it when her daughter got back into the car.

The woman reportedly says that her daughter asked her to hand her the ammunition box for the gun when she’d been out of the sunroof and that she’d done it. Police asked her why she did this if she had wanted to talk her out of anything, but the woman said she didn’t know why, that it was a mistake and that she’d “f***** up.”

Police say Hutchinson continually stated that she thought her daughter was just bluffing and wouldn’t actually shoot anyone. Police say she admitted that she did not try to stop her daughter during the incident.

According to court records, both mother and daughter have previously been convicted on felony possession of controlled substance charges, and therefore ineligible to possess firearms.

Both women face two separate felony charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and felon in possession of a firearm. Their bonds total $75,000 each.

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