AUSTIN (KXAN) — Authorities looked through former Austin Police Department Officer VonTrey Clark’s police locker for clues in the death of Samantha Dean. On Wednesday, a search warrant was issued for Clark’s locker located at APD’s east substation on Springdale Road. The warrant stated they were looking for firearms, clothing, receipts, maps, cellphones, computer hardware and other evidence related to the homicide, but no items were seized.

However, the paperwork for the warrant revealed new details into the investigation. On June 4, a Texas Ranger interviewed Aaron Williams regarding Dean’s homicide. Williams told detectives Kevin Watson, 31, told him Clark was looking “to pay someone $5,000 to kill Dean and her baby due to Dean wanting Clark to pay child support for the baby,” according to the warrant dated Aug. 12. Williams went onto say Watson told him he and Freddie Smith killed Dean for Clark and that Clark had driven Dean to the location in Bastrop County and the “murder had been set up to look like a drug deal,” continued in the warrant.

Police were able to link Williams, Watson, Watson’s girlfriend Kyla Fisk and Smith to the case from cellphone communication and surveillance video at various places where they purchased cellphones. The investigation revealed Clark and Watson have known each other for years and have a close friendship.

The warrant indicates between April 14-May 4, Clark, Watson, Fisk and Williams and other parties had conversations in which they discussed not talking to the police and distancing themselves from each other.

In a response to the to new search warrant, Clark’s attorney, Bristol Myers, said in a statement, “Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement that an investigator’s affidavit include any of the facts and details that might cut against the desire to search a given place. This affidavit for the locker was cut-and-paste from search warrants executed on Officer Clark’s home and car, and the result was essentially the same: investigators came up empty.”

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Clark, 32, is currently in Indonesia, where he’s been since mid-July. A spokesperson for the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office says VonTrey Clark, 32, was taken into custody in Indonesia by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the FBI will determine the timeline for his return. It is not clear when Clark was placed into federal custody.

Last month, Clark was suspended indefinitely when he refused to attend an in-person interview with Internal Affairs.

Austin police say Clark flew to Indonesia without approval from his supervisors. The Department classified Clark as absent without leave (AWOL) since they weren’t able to get in contact with him.

Clark’s attorney, Bristol Myers tells KXAN News Bastrop County “secretly issued an arrest warrant for Officer Clark after he left for Indonesia, and this is the likely cause of what officials are calling a Visa problem.” Myers goes onto say, “Officer Clark booked an international round trip flight in his own name, used his own passport, and was easily located. These are not the hallmarks of a fugitive.”

Court documents revealed in early July details the relationship between Dean, 29, and Clark. Clark told homicide investigators he had “a sexual relationship” with Dean that was “off-and-on ver the last six or seven years, and that he believes he is the father of Dean’s unborn child, Baby Dean.”

Dean was found shot to death on Feb. 4. No one has been charged with murder in connection to her death.

Bastrop District Attorney Bryan Goertz said he has informally reached out to the Texas Attorney General’s office to ask about their willingness to assist in the Samantha Dean case.