AUSTIN (KXAN) — In court Monday, Raul Meza faced a judge – as well as family members of an 8-year-old girl he killed in 1982 and loved ones of two other people he’s accused of killing.

The judge reset the status hearing for his case, but Meza still appeared before her with his attorneys and an attorney for the State.

“He couldn’t even look up at us or anyone in the room,” said Christina Fultz, the daughter of Gloria Lofton, who police believe Meza killed at her east Austin home in 2019.

She was accompanied by family members of Jesse Fraga, the Pflugerville man Meza is accused of killing earlier this year, and family members of Kendra Page, the 8-year-old girl Meza was convicted of killing in 1982.

“We’ve talked a lot,” said Fultz. “So it’s really nice to have that support.”

Meza was released from prison 11 years into his murder sentence for Page’s death. More lenient state laws at the time allowed for him to get out on good behavior merits that he received through pursuing a vocational program while in prison. The 30-year sentence for Paige’s murder was negotiated through a plea deal, according to the district attorney at the time.

Outside the courtroom, Page’s family told the others to push back against plea deal options if they could.

“No plea deal, definitely the death penalty,” said Fultz when asked what she wanted to see as the outcome of Meza’s case. “This man has been ruining generations of lives through decades. So we’re hopefully going to make it stop soon. We’re not for the pleas at all.”

KXAN asked Meza’s attorney, Russ Hunt, Jr., if plea deals are part of the discussion at all, to which he answered “It’s too early to tell on a case like this.”

He also called the reset of today’s hearing “a completely standard part of the process, and not at all unusual.”

Meza faces murder and capital murder charges in the deaths of Fraga and Lofton.

“Mr. Meza is in a very tough position. He obviously doesn’t want to be incarcerated. He’s trying to figure out what his best options are at this point,” Hunt said.

The next court hearing is set for Jan. 17. Hunt said Meza will likely not be present for it.