AUSTIN (KXAN) — An arrest warrant was filed Tuesday for a man accused of participating in a north Austin jugging incident, according to the Austin Police Department.

Davonte Ward, 28, was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity—a first-degree felony.

According to the arrest warrant, a man withdrew “several thousand dollars cash” from a bank in the 8600 block of Research Boulevard on Sept. 9.

After leaving the bank, the man went to his apartment in the 7200 block of Easy Wind Drive, and as he walked into his apartment building, a man approached him before shoving him against the wall. The suspect demanded the money he withdrew from the bank, per court documents.

Court records said the victim fought with the suspect for the cash envelope but feared he would be hurt or killed if he continued to fight to protect his property. The victim said he then released the envelope, and the suspect ran away.

According to records, the victim was able to take pictures of the suspect’s vehicle, and officers were able to make out part of the Texas temporary license plate.

Records showed the vehicle was owned by a Houston woman with no connections to Austin.

According to an affidavit, officers were able to use covert electronic surveillance to locate the vehicle at a hotel in San Antonio.

At the hotel, an APD detective spoke with management staff to review surveillance footage. The footage showed a man matching the victim’s description of the suspect with two other men.

The hotel clerk said the three men initially asked about paying for a room using cash, according to records.

Later that day, police saw the three men approach the suspect vehicle and they were detained, according to a report. One of the men was identified as Ward, and he told officers the vehicle was registered to his girlfriend.

The three men were interviewed separately by investigators, and one told officers the three parked near a bank to “hit a lick.” One of the men then spotted the victim, and the three followed him for a few miles before committing the robbery.

The arrest warrant said during a search of the three men, a detective found $600 on one, $900 on the second and $3,300 on the third.