LUBBOCK, Texas (KLBK) — Omar Soto-Chavira, 22, was identified late Thursday night as the suspect accused of killing Lubbock County Sheriff’s Sergeant Josh Bartlett, critically wounding Levelland Police Sergeant Shawn Wilson and injuring three more officers.

Soto-Chavira was arrested in Hockley County on June 25 for assault of a family member. He was able to post a $2,500 bond, according to jail records on June 29.

Soto-Chavira was booked into the jail on the same day, June 29, for a list of charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, continuous violence, assault on a family member, resisting arrest and assault causing bodily injury.

On July 11, he was able to post bonds totaling $66,000 to be released from jail.

On July 15, officials said someone tried to bait a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper into a confrontation near Levelland. A few hours later, officials said concerned neighbors called for help because of a man with a gun acting suspiciously.

That then led officers to a barricaded subject, later identified as Soto-Chavira, in the 1100 block of 10th Street in Levelland. During that standoff, officials said Soto-Chavira fired shots at officers. At about 11:30 p.m. that same night, officers were able to force Soto-Chavira to surrender. He was taken to a hospital in Lubbock. Officials said a capital murder charge against him is likely.

A Facebook page by the name of Omar Chavira was taken down. However, while it was up, it said, “Don’t worry, my ns will join me later, but not every single mother fr, like for example these f*s outside my house rn [right now].”

“All yall [sic] fing fats better start killing y’all’s selves, before s**t really get down,” it said.

The Texas Rangers will investigate the case. A DPS spokesman offered his thanks to the community on Friday morning for widespread support. He said businesses dropped by to donate food to help officers who worked the crime scene overnight.