PHARR, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Pharr police found 700 gallons of liquid meth on Tuesday, worth over $10 million.

According to a release by Pharr PD, an officer was patrolling the area of South Lamar Drive in Pharr. The officer saw three men pouring liquid from several 55-gallon barrels into 5-gallon buckets near liquid tanker trailers.

The officer called for backup, and Pharr Fire Department noticed crystallization forming around the barrels. After testing, it was discovered to be methamphetamine.

DEA lab agents estimated that 700 gallons of liquid meth was inside one of the liquid tankers, the eight barrels and the four buckets. The street value is estimated to be over $10 million, the release stated.

“This massive drug seizure impacts way beyond our region where it was headed,” said Pharr Chief of Police Andy Harvey in the release. “This stemmed from a patrol officer’s attention to detail when he observed something out of the ordinary and he used our resources to further investigate. This is great policing. I want to thank our federal DEA partners who always respond and work alongside us, they are outstanding.”

The case will be turned over to the Assistant United States Attorney due to the large amount of the seizure.