McALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — An Alton pastor was sentenced Thursday for sexually assaulting unconscious women after they were sedated with medications, court records show.

Melquisedec Chan was sentenced to 12 years in state jail on charges of aggravated sexual assault, Hidalgo County records show. He was also sentenced to 10 years probation on charges of practicing medicine in violation of a subtitle.

Melquisedec Chan (Hidalgo County Jail)

Chan pleaded guilty Monday to all four counts in which two women accused Chan of sexually assaulting them after he administered a substance that impaired their ability to “appraise the nature of the act or to resist the act.”

A probable cause affidavit revealed the details of the sexual assaults. One of the women reported to police that she was diagnosed with a tumor in 2012 and her pastor, identified as Chan’ offered to help her because he was a practicing family doctor in Reynosa.

Chan would administer the medication, claiming it was vitamins and other substances that would make her feel better. The woman said Chan began treating her at her home and would give her the medication in her bedroom, which caused her to fall asleep. She said when she woke up she noticed her underwear had been moved or her bra had been folded in, and she began suspecting Chan was taking advantage of her.

The woman followed up with police in 2018 and she said she got the courage to come forward after learning Chan was arrested when another member of the church claimed she was sexually assaulted in the same manner. When detectives spoke with Chan, he admitted to having a physical interaction with the woman.

He was booked into Hidalgo County Jail and his bond was set at a total of $350,000.

As part of his sentencing, he was also issued a $5,000 fine.