BLANCO COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Texas Rangers and the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspect who Blanco County said ran over two people with a vehicle and fired at law enforcement.

Mark E. Skladany, 31, was taken into custody Tuesday morning after Blanco County law enforcement responded Monday to a report of an aggravated assault in the 6700 Block of Middle Creek Road.

Mark Skladany (Mugshot: Blanco County Sheriff’s Office)

On Wednesday, BCSO said Skaldany was charged with capital murder in Zavala County. His bond is set at $2 million.

A 911 caller said the suspect ran over her husband outside of a home. The caller said the family ran into a wooded area to get away from the man, as he tried to run over more people. Two people were hit by the vehicle, and one person died, BCSO said.

“Deputies took gunfire from the suspect,” after they tried to connect with him Monday night, a release said. They chased him and after he crashed the car. He ran away and exchanged gunfire again with deputies, according to a release. No one was hurt in the shootouts.

The suspect went inside a home, got keys to another vehicle and drove off, a release said.

Martin Natal was working on his friend’s rural property Monday when he said police suddenly showed up, and told them there was an active shooter in the area and to get inside.

“Me and my friend, we ran inside the house… then we were inside for 15 minutes or so when we heard gunshots behind me,” he said. “My friend was hearing things on Facebook — from the neighbors and stuff — that they were here searching this property. But no actual information from the authorities whatsoever which was quite frustrating.” 

BCSO said two reverse 911 calls were sent: one to tell people to shelter in place and a second giving the “all clear.”

Natal, however, said he and his friend had to wait inside the home for hours without much direction from law enforcement. KXAN has asked BCSO how the reverse 911 calls work to better understand the process and will update this story when it responds.

“It’d be nice that in the future, when they have situations like this, that they try to keep the residents more informed,” Natal said.

Blanco County said the investigation is ongoing and it would release more information as it became available. It confirmed Tuesday that Skladany is in custody in Zavala County.

How reverse 911 works and how to sign up

In Blanco County, reverse 911 automatically calls all landlines but you have to sign up to receive alerts on your cell or email, a spokesperson told KXAN.

You can sign up for Blanco County Emergency Management pushes with Warn Central Texas.  You can add multiple locations to your account as well as multiple cell numbers and emails when you sign up for the alerts, the spokesperson said.