AUSTIN (KXAN) — Two students at Lyndon B Johnson High School were detained by police after a health science teacher saw one of the students pass a gun to another during class, according to court documents.

The documents allege Andre Harris, 18, brought a handgun into the school and passed it to another student, who put it in his backpack. That gun was loaded.

A letter sent to parents from Dr. Joseph Welch, the principal of LBJ, said a teacher saw that interaction and contacted the school’s administration, who performed a search and found that weapon. AISD police then separated and detained the students, the letter said.

“I commend our staff member for being aware of his surroundings and contacting administration, and I encourage all students to notify a trusted adult, campus leader or police any time they feel unsafe, threatened or concerned,” the letter said. “If you see something, say something.”

Bringing and displaying a weapon in a school zone is a second-degree felony, according to those documents.

If you see something that requires emergency attention, call 911. The AISD police department dispatch line is (512) 414-1703.