LUBBOCK, Texas (KLBK) — A Lubbock man is suing a Target for $10 million claiming he was assaulted by an employee after authorities say he was caught shoplifting.

Kelton Arthur claims in his lawsuit that he was tackled by a Target store employee in July of 2016. The employee says Arthur was trying to steal a vacuum.

The lawsuit claims the employee knocked Arthur from behind which caused his injuries. The employee then “attacked” Arthur as he was lying on the ground, the suit continued.

A police report indicates Arthur stole merchandise from the store and tried to run away. The employee “placed his hands” on him to keep him from leaving but Arthur turned around and “bit him on the arm.”

According to the report, the suspect tried to “gouge” out the employee’s eyes but he was able to control the suspect until officers arrived. Neither men needed to go to the hospital.

The employee said his skills in Jiu Jitsu very well might have saved his life and prevented others from getting hurt.

A grand jury indicted Arthur for robbery but in September of this year, Arthur pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of theft. He was sentenced to one day in jail.

KBLK reached out to Target for a comment, but they have not issued a response. A call was also placed to Arthur’s attorney to invite comment.