AUSTIN (KXAN) – An arrest warrant was filed Tuesday for a man connected to a Thursday night homicide investigation near 12th Street and Red River Street.

Records said Deddrick Amerson, 44, was accused of murdering 36-year-old Edarius Dremar Johnson.

Police responded after receiving several 911 calls from people who reported hearing a man screaming and another man running away, according to an affidavit.

Police said they found a man, later identified as Johnson, with multiple lacerations consistent with being stabbed or cut. Johnson received medical attention but died later that evening from the wounds.

During the initial investigation, officers found a blood trail from the body leading to a tent on Red River Street. Near the tent, a detective saw a broken bat, a folding pocketknife and an airsoft gun. The detective also said the tent was open, and he saw a sheathed knife.

Police obtained a search warrant for the tent and collected the bat, folding pocketknife airsoft gun, a knife in a sheath, as well as a separate knife sheath.

A member of the Homeless Outreach Street Team was contacted and identified Amerson as the owner of the tent.

The police said other people experiencing homelessness in the area confirmed the tent belonged to Amerson. They also told officers Amerson was a known heroin and methamphetamine dealer, the report said.

According to the report, a witness, later determined to be present during the murder, said he knew the victim and described him as a drug addict who lived in the area and often came to Amerson for methamphetamine.

Police said on the day of the murder Johnson went to Amerson’s tent, but Amerson refused to sell him anything. According to the affidavit, Johnson got into a fight with another man present, so Amerson pointed a gun at the victim.

The affidavit said Johnson challenged him by saying he wouldn’t shoot him, and Amerson responded with, “I ain’t gonna shoot you… I’m gonna stab you dude.” Johnson then left, according to the witness.

About five to 10 minutes later, the witness saw Johnson go back to the tent and take a plastic bag containing “ice,” another name for methamphetamine, and say he was going to get high, according to the report. Police said the witness then saw the victim sit by a fence and prepare a syringe for the methamphetamine.

The affidavit said, at that point, the witness had turned to walk away when he heard a loud thumping sound. He turned around and saw the man involved in the original tent altercation punching the victim, and Amerson was stabbing him, the affidavit said.

Police determined Amerson could be charged with murder in the stabbing death of Johnson.

Amerson was not in custody as of Wednesday, and his bond was not yet set.

Records did not show an attorney listed for Amerson.