Police arrest men suspected in numerous lock-pick burglaries

Kevin Schwaller - AUSTIN (KXAN) - Police arrested two men with a history of burglary charges they believe are tied to at least 25 unsolved burglaries since the beginning of the year.

Investigators began looking into the series of apartment burglaries in Northwest Austin in January. In the cases, police found no signs someone forced their way into the homes. Rather, court records indicate police found signs that those responsible were picking locks.

Officers arrested Bruce Ulysses Larson, 36, and Charles Joseph Wysocki Jr., 37, Friday. Court records state the men were at a gas station when police stopped them. Officers saw the men near the site of burglary earlier in the day at the Hard Rock Canyon apartments on Jollyville Road in Northwest Austin. Police also saw a watch that matched one stolen from the apartment in Wysocki's car. Court records also state Wysocki confessed to the burglary to police.

APD is familiar with both the men in these cases.

Police suspected both men of burglarizing homes before, according to arrest records. In 2003, the Travis County District Attorney's Office charged Larson with burglary. At the time, police believed Larson was connected to more than 100 such crimes, either by admission or because they fit his pattern, court records state. In 2004, Larson accepted a plea deal and got probation, according to the Travis County District Clerks Office. Larson later had that sentence revoked and was sentenced to four years in custody after another burglary charge in 2007.

Wysocki also has a history. In 2012, Wysocki accepted a plea deal for a burglary charge and was sentenced to two years, according to the district clerk's office. Before that, in 2010, Austin police suspected Wysocki of trying to burglarize an apartment by tampering with a lock in Northwest Austin. He pleaded guilty to possession of a criminal instrument.

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