AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin police officers responded to a high-priority call Friday evening after shots were fired at The Domain in the 11600 block of Rock Rose Avenue. Two people were involved in the disturbance, according to court records.

An affidavit said 22-year-old Cardui Leshawn Scales Jr. fired a gun twice during an altercation with another man over a pair of reportedly stolen sunglasses. One bullet went through a vehicle door window, and the other went through the front glass window of an open business with occupants inside.

A report said the victim’s vehicle was broken into July 12, and multiple items were taken, including two watches and his one-of-a-kind Cartier sunglasses worth $10,000.

After the burglary, the victim was shown a picture of Scales wearing the sunglasses on social media. The victim then contacted Scales to meet and get the glasses back, but Scales said he wanted $300 before he returned the glasses since he purchased them and didn’t want to be out of all of the money.

On Friday, some of the victim’s friends said they saw Scales at The Domain driving around The Domain wearing the sunglasses, so the victim went to confront him, according to the affidavit.

The victim told police when he found Scales, he said to give him the sunglasses back and grabbed ahold of them while they were in Scales’ hand. He then noticed a gun in his other hand.

Records said Scales began to aim the gun at the victim, so the victim said, “Go ahead and shoot me,” in hopes of getting the attention of people walking around outside and having the police called.

During a struggle between the victim and Scales, two shots were fired, according to a report.
Police responded to the scene, and Scales was detained.

Two witnesses said they saw a man matching Scales’ description with a handgun and saw him throw it inside a vehicle. In a search, police said a gun was found inside Scales’ vehicle.

Scales told police he purchased the sunglasses from someone for $500. He also said he knew they were probably stolen. He showed police messages between himself and the victim that indicated he didn’t want to lose the money he paid for them even though he knew they were not his, a report said.

Police booked Scales into the Travis County jail Saturday on an aggravated robbery charge and an unlawful carrying charge. He met bond Monday.

At last check, an attorney wasn’t listed to represent Scales. This story will be updated if that information becomes available.