AUSTIN (KXAN) — The family of the man killed in the 2021 mass shooting on Sixth Street saw body camera video in court Tuesday as the trial for the suspected gunman began.

Kantor with family and friends
Kantor’s family brought photos of the 25-year-old with loved ones as they addressed reporters after day one of the trial.

The shooting took the life of 25-year-old Douglas Kantor. More than a dozen others were injured.

“Nothing can prepare you to see your little brother in his last waking moments,” said Kantor’s brother Nick.

De’Ondre White is accused of firing into a crowd after a confrontation with a group of people around 1:30 a.m. in June 2021. Most of them, police said, were innocent bystanders.

Kantor’s family members, including his parents, brother, fiancée and uncle, traveled to Austin from out of town to attend the trial.

His mother Julia took the stand Tuesday. Cameras were not allowed inside after opening statements, but the family addressed the media after court.

“It was hard to see that clip of my son in pain and asking for help,” she said. “I miss him, I miss him a lot.”

Life without Doug Kantor

“I just miss my best friend,” said Kantor’s fiancée Adrianna. “Expecting to have the next 70 years with him, and that’s just ripped out from underneath you.”

She said instead of planning a wedding, she’s spent the past months trying to sell the house she and Kantor had together.

Kantor’s father Joe recalled their numerous golfing adventures, getting emotional speaking about how they’d never go together again.

“It’s just hard to continue without him,” he said.

Recap: Day 1of the trial for the suspected gunman in Sixth St. mass shooting

White faces both murder and aggravated assault charges tied to the shooting.

He pleaded not guilty.

Jessica Ramirez, 36, was injured in the shooting. She addressed lingering medical problems as she testified Tuesday, according to KXAN reporter Jala Washington, who observed the first day of the trial.

Jurors also heard from APD officers on scene.

Testimony will resume Wednesday.