‘There is a literal naked man in the other room’: UT students report nude strangers at West Campus apartments


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Over two days UT students in Austin’s West Campus neighborhood found two naked men passed out inside their apartments in, neighboring, yet unrelated incidents.

After leaving her apartment to print in the lounge of the 21 Rio building, Yasmin Obeidi returned and immediately knew something was wrong.

“I see the door is like completely wide open, and I know I closed it,” Obeidi said. “I didn’t lock it, but I closed it.”

Obeidi started looking around her apartment and opened her roommates’ door.

“There is a literal naked man in the other room and I have no idea who it is,” she said.

Obeidi tiptoed out, locked herself in her room, and eventually called her roommates and then the leasing office.

Roommate Sonya Choa raced back home and arrived there at the same time as the leasing office employee.

All three went in together and saw the man, however, he’d moved from the bottom bunk to the top.

“Knowing that someone I don’t know was naked on my bed, like God knows what he did,” Choa said.

The naked intruder arrived a day after students in the neighboring Crest at Pearl went through a nearly identical situation.

Saturday police arrested 20-year-old Aryavir Munshi, who officers found naked from the bottom down passed out in an apartment bed that wasn’t his own.

“Being a college campus we have had reports of people being intoxicated, going into apartments, dorm rooms that not necessarily were theirs, but as far as someone being specifically passed out in someone’s bed, that’s atypical,” Austin Police Sergeant Orlando Smart said.

UT police data shows they’re arresting fewer people on campus for liquor law violations. There were 20 in 2016, and only one last year.

However, their policies changed during that time. Officers now take people who are drunk to the sobering center rather than arrest them.

In Sunday’s case the students chose not to press charges.

Instead, they were left wondering why the man came into their apartment, and learned the hard to always lock your doors.

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