AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin man faces two aggravated assault charges connected to a shooting that occurred early Monday morning in north Austin, a court affidavit showed.

Austin police said 23-year-old Michael Allen Kyles III is a suspect in the shooting at a shopping center in the 9500 block of North Lamar Boulevard.

At the scene, Austin Police Department officers found a man on the ground surrounded by blood and used bullet casings in the area. Records said the man was in and out of consciousness, so CPR was administered until he was responsive.

Documents said a revolver was found close to the man. The gun was still fully loaded and did not appear to have been fired, according to records.

APD was notified of another man, later identified as Kyles, being dropped off at an area hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

At the hospital, Kyles told detectives he was walking through the parking lot of the shopping center when he was stopped by an unknown group of men who invited him to sit in their truck and drink a beer.

Kyles also told police these men told him to bring a beer to the man found on the ground, who was standing by a nearby truck, so he did. Kyles continued and said that was when an unknown man began “blasting away everywhere,” and this was when he was shot. He told police he did not know who else may have been shot.

Video footage from the parking lot captured the incident, but it disproved Kyles’ story. The footage showed the male victim standing with a woman when Kyles approached. Kyles was not holding a beer, and a verbal argument appeared to occur, according to APD.

APD said it was still looking to identify other individuals who may have been victims and witnesses to the shooting, including the persons and vehicles pictured below.

Kyles could be seen reaching into his pocket, pulling out a gun and pointing it at the man. The video showed the man immediately pulling out a gun and pointing it toward the ground.

“Approximately 3 milliseconds after Kyles initially pulled out his gun Kyles begins firing the handgun multiple times at [the man and the woman],” records said.

The video showed the man and the woman falling to the ground. The man never raised his weapon or fired a shot, according to documents.

Another unknown man is then seen exiting the vehicle close to where the injured man and the woman were standing, firing several shots at Kyles, getting back into the vehicle and leaving the scene.

As of Tuesday, the man who was hurt remained in the ICU and was unable to speak, according to police. His injuries included a gunshot wound to the head, leg and shoulder. The woman was shot in the arm, and the bullet entered her torso. She is in stable condition.

Kyles remained in the Travis County Jail on bonds totaling $720,000.

No attorney was listed for Kyles in records. This article will be updated if an attorney is listed and provides a comment.