LOCKHART, Texas (KXAN) — Police in Lockhart arrested one of their officers Friday after he allegedly stole prescription drugs from a school.

Chad Corbitt, 47, previously served as the school resource officer at Lockhart Junior High School. According to a press release from police, Corbitt stole a controlled substance from the school clinic. Investigators said the theft happened during the weekend of Oct. 5.

The school nurse called police on Oct. 7 after she noticed 30 missing pills while taking inventory of the students’ medications. Police said surveillance footage showed Corbitt entering the school clinic on Oct. 5. They said he was wearing civilian clothing and used his school resource key.

Police Chief Ernest Pedraza said once it was discovered Corbitt was involved in the theft, he was immediately placed on restrictive duty. Corbitt later resigned from the department on Oct. 9.

“We do hold our officers accountable, and we followed through despite the fact that he was one of our own,” Pedraza said. “We did a thorough investigation, and we passed this along to the district attorney’s office.”

Corbitt was arrested on a charge of theft of a controlled substance.

Lockhart police already assigned someone else to serve as the resource officer at Lockhart Junior High School.

Pedraza said he also gave a directive to everyone who works at the schools.

“We have told the new SROs obviously not to go into the clinic unless it’s absolutely necessary and with other witnesses,” Pedraza said.

The Lockhart Independent School District stressed in a letter sent to parents Friday that no other staff members or students were involved in the theft.