AUSTIN (KXAN) — Family members of Michael Payne, 38, said he died from an overdose over the weekend.

This comes as the Austin Police Department – assisted by the Drug Enforcement Administration – continues to investigate a rash of overdoses that killed two people and sent at least 12 to the hospital.

“He was cheated,” said Payne’s sister Aasha, who said her brother always kept everyone laughing. “The choices he made got him there, right? But what about the choices they made to put extra stuff in there?”

She said her brother likely took crack when he overdosed.

Police and medics say the overdoses are likely linked to a batch of laced drugs, and believe the deadly culprits are either xylazine, which is used as an animal sedative and not approved for humans, or fentanyl. Neither has been named as the surefire source of the deadly doses.

“We talked about fentanyl at the hospital and the nurses kind of OK’d that that was in it,” said Aasha about her brother’s case.

Aasha, along with Payne’s long-time girlfriend Natasha East, are still in disbelief.

“I think he didn’t deserve it, we need justice for it,” said East.

We asked APD for an update on the investigation Wednesday but were told no new updates were available. With SXSW in town, APD will have additional undercover narcotics officers downtown.