“I’m sorry for what took place.” Those were the words uttered in court Tuesday by Aaron Davison, the 21-year-old who will now spend the next two years of his life in prison for running into a bicyclist in Georgetown and then leaving him to die on the side of a street.

Davison agreed to a plea deal earlier this year in the Jan. 23, 2017 death of Thomas “Tommy” Ketterhagen. A judge sentenced Davison to two years in prison for manslaughter. On the other counts of accident involving death and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Davison received 10 years probation.

The judge is also requiring him to take a driver safety course every year and he must write an apology letter to the Ketterhagen family.

Davison turned himself into police three days after he hit Ketterhagen, 19, as he was riding in the 2300 block of Patriot Way. A witness told police he saw a driver in a truck go into the wrong lane and strike a bicycle.

While the witness couldn’t tell if anyone was on the bicycle, he did, however, see a bicycle wheel and a bike fly in the air. After impact, the witness said two people got out of the vehicle and started looking around a ditch and “accelerated out of the area,” police say.

The defense said Davison dropped his phone while driving and reached to pick it up when he struck the bicyclist. He said he thought he hit something but when he stopped he didn’t see anything.

Ketterhagen’s mother found his body. “To see his body there on the grass and see his bike just crashed to smithereens, it was awful. But I was thankful I got there first, that I was able to hold him, talk to him and just be with him,” his mother, Luz Ketterhagen, said last year.

During victim impact statements, Ketterhagen’s mother said, “I was horrified to find Tommy. Your actions robbed me of helping him on his deathbed.”

A “ghost” bicycle currently sits along Patriot Way in remembrance of Ketterhagen.