AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Saturday, June 4, police say a woman called 911 to say a man she didn’t know sexually assaulted her downtown.

An affidavit states the suspect Dublas Vasquez approached the woman early Saturday morning on Sixth Street and said he was too drunk to read the map on his phone, and asked her to help him find his car. She did, and when they got to his car near 7th and Lavaca, the woman told Vasquez she wouldn’t drive with him.

He then “asked if she wanted him to drive drunk and kill people,” the affidavit reads – further stating the comment upset the woman and she then offered to stay. That’s when police said Vasquez sexually assaulted the woman inside the car.

The affidavit also links Vasquez’ car to an incident at Barton Creek Square Mall on June 14, 10 days after the alleged rape on Sixth Street, involving a different woman. Police said she made a report saying a man got into her car while she was in the parking lot and demanded sexual favors.

We spoke with that woman over the phone. She wished to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

“He just got in my passenger seat, and I had never seen him before,” she said.

She said she yelled at him and told him to get out of the car multiple times, and he eventually got out and drove away. She believes more could have happened – especially after we showed her the report about the alleged rape downtown.

“It’s honestly scary, because I feel like that was his intention with me,” she said.

She took a photo of the car before it got away. In the affidavit, police indicated surveillance video from the Sixth Street case matched the vehicle in the Barton Creek Square Mall.

According to Travis County Jail records, Vasquez remained in custody as of Monday evening.