DALE, Texas (KXAN) — Caldwell County authorities said Tuesday that the suspect they are looking for in connection with a May 8 shooting is now accused of murder.

In an update Tuesday, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office elevated an arrest warrant for Ismael Miguel Barrientos-Gallegos, 47, from aggravated assault to murder and aggravated kidnapping. CCSO said it is still looking for Gallegos with the help of the U.S. Marshals Service and the Texas Rangers.

  • Ismael Miguel Barrientos-Gallegos (Caldwell County Sheriff's Office Photos)
  • Ismael Miguel Barrientos-Gallegos (Caldwell County Sheriff's Office Photos)

Gallegos is accused of shooting and killing Fabian Rocha, 41, Sunday morning in the 100 block of Forister Ranch Drive in Dale. Rocha was rushed to a hospital after first responders found him unconscious with a gunshot wound, but he was pronounced dead early Monday morning.

CCSO said Gallegos should still be considered armed and dangerous and anyone who sees him should immediately call 911.

CCSO released a list of known aliases for Gallegos along with additional pictures and descriptions of tattoos and scars. He was first identified by CCSO as Pedro Gallegos. The full list of aliases are:

  • Pedro Gallegos-Mercado
  • Michael Gallegos
  • Mario Gonzalez
  • Miguel Garcia
  • Ismael Ramirez
  • Daniel Garcia
  • Miguel Garcia
  • Miguel Ramirez

He has “Gallegos” tattooed across his abdomen and a large portrait of Jesus on his back, CCSO said. There’s a scar on the right side of his head from his eyebrow to his hairline, and he has a mole on his right cheek.

CCSO also said Gallegos is a known sex offender with a “violent criminal history.” Other than calling 911, tips can be submitted to the U.S. Marshal Service online or by calling 1-800-336-0102.