Barefoot Texas woman chases down man stealing grill


LUBBOCK, Texas (KLBK) — A woman chased a man down the street after he attempted to steal her family’s grill off their front porch.

The entire incident was caught on Prisci Gallegos’ doorbell camera. In the video, you see a man approach her home off East 10th Street in Lubbock. He grabs the grill and begins to walk away. Then, he struggles with the tank for a moment.

In the meantime, Gallegos said her mother checked their doorbell camera from an app and alerted the mother of five to the suspicious activity. She was inside the home at the time, and she took off after the thief.

“Yes, I was barefooted. I guess it’s one of those motherly instincts when somebody is endangering your family or property, you just take off and go,” Gallegos said. “You don’t care if you’ve got shoes on or not.”

She followed him three or four blocks while on the phone with police.

Gallegos wanted to warn other mothers in the area, because one of her sons noticed a stranger on their block earlier in the day before the incident.

Lubbock police are investigating the incident, but have not yet caught the suspect.

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