AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police said several hundred cell phones were stolen from Austin City Limits festivalgoers as a part of a pick-pocketing operation.

APD said the thieves stole phones from festivalgoers’ pockets or bags over both weekends of the festival.

Police said victims were able to use the “Find my Phone” feature to show officers their phone’s location.

A group of people is believed to have specifically rented cars and hotel rooms to stash festival loot, according to police.

Austin police found at least 30 phones inside of one hotel room, and another had almost 40. Some of the stolen phones were already en route to be shipped out.

Of the 290 phones recovered, 100 of them have been returned to their owners, Austin police say.

John Diaz Albarracin, Jenny Gomez Velandia and Lidi Mora Morena were all arrested in connection to the operation.

All three have been charged with engaging in organized crime, a third-degree felony.

Two other people had previously been arrested for stealing phones at ACL in connection to this operation.

Police say anyone who attended Weekend One or Two of ACL and lost their phone or any items should report it on ACL’s website or utilize the APD online reporting site.