AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department video footage of the Aug. 8 incident where an officer and a state trooper fired gunshots during an attempted carjacking on Cameron Road.

Police Chief Joseph Chacon said the incident began around 11 p.m. that Monday night when an officer tried to pull a motorcycle over for a traffic stop on Cameron Road near U.S. Highway 290. According to an APD release, the motorcycle was missing its license plate.

Dash camera video from Officer Michael Bradburn’s vehicle showed the motorcycle drive toward the right of the road, then speed up toward a turnaround on U.S. 290 on the left side. The driver got off the motorcycle partway through the turn and started running away. Officer Bradburn chased him. A nearby trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety trooper heard the chase on the radio and turned into the parking lot soon after Bradburn ran across the road toward a shopping center.

The roughly 6-minute body camera video showed Officer Michael Bradburn chase the suspect, later identified as Brandon Munoz, into the parking lot and take cover behind cars as he moved toward the suspect. Both police videos capture Officer Bradburn saying the suspect has a gun and telling him multiple times to drop it.

Below are the videos APD released. Warning: some depict the shooting and foul language is not edited out

Surveillance footage from a nearby business shows the suspect pointing his gun toward where the officer was and moving around a parked car before getting into the front passenger seat. Moments later, the car backs up. Police said in a release the suspect pointed a gun at the driver and told him to put the car into reverse and leave. Chacon said the trooper and the officer fired shots before it drove away. The body camera video showed officers yelling at the driver and directing him to get out and away from the car, and to “put it down,” in reference to a gun.

“The vehicle he tried to carjack, he took the weapon out,” Officer Bradburn says over his radio in the video. Another officer said he didn’t see a gun in the suspect’s hand, and the body camera video showed a gun on the ground outside the car where the driver placed it.

Body camera video shows officers strategize and then get the suspect out of the car. Bradburn then disables the gun. An APD release said responders then began life-saving measures. Munoz was taken to the hospital with critical injuries and as of Monday is stable.

The driver was not hurt and neither were any law enforcement officers who responded.

Munoz faces an aggravated kidnapping charge.

APD placed the officer, who has less than a year of experience with the agency, on administrative duty pending the outcome of the internal investigation into the use of force. APD Special Investigations Unit, the Texas Rangers and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office are working on a separate, criminal investigation.