AUSTIN (KXAN) — Two men were arrested and charged in connection to stealing phones from people attending Weekend One of the Austin City Limits music festival last week. All phones were recovered, according to Austin police.

APD says Holman Valbuena-Malpica, 35, and Johan Valbuena-Malpica, 33, were charged in connection to the incident.

Police say a majority of reported thefts from the first weekend of ACL were related to pickpocketing.

“Phones are being quickly powered down or placed into airplane mode to prevent any tracking (such as Find my iPhone or Google). We strongly encourage people to record their device serial numbers and keep it somewhere else in case they need to reference it,” said APD in a news release.

Holman is facing two third-degree felonies for theft from a person and tampering with evidence. Johan is facing a misdemeanor for unlawful use of a criminal instrument.

Anyone who attended Weekend One of ACL and lost a phone is asked to report the loss on ACL’s website. If your phone has been recovered, an investigator will contact you.