AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Travis County Sheriff’s Office believes two people went missing in the overnight storms from a red pickup truck near FM 812 and SH 130 around 2 a.m.

STAR Flight, Travis County Fire Rescue, Travis County Sheriff’s deputies and Austin Fire Department are still actively searching for those people. A helicopter continues to fly over the area, searching the ground and nearby pond.

Reports came in to police that a truck had been swept off the road and and a person was hanging onto a pole around 2:30 a.m. Firefighters tried to throw ropes for a rescue, but it was too late. Rescue crews are in the process trying to locate the vehicle and missing people, a helicopter, drone and boat aiding in the search.

It’s the same spot a man lost his life in the October flood.

“Exact same area,” LT. Mike Burshnick, with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

“The flooding in October was much worse. So, we would think that we would have an easier time this time because the water wasn’t running as rapidly and as far, but as of yet we haven’t been able to see anything,” Lt. Burshnick said.

KXAN spoke with man who was in the area early Friday morning, around the same the call came in. William League was trying to get home before flooding stopped him in his tracks.

“I literally did not know how big of a situation I was in until I felt my car get lifted up and moved and that’s when one of the city trucks came up behind me and pushed me out,” League said. “I almost myself got swept away.”

It’s still unknown if potentially more people were in the truck, and the exact type of truck.

So far there are no deaths or injuries reported from the floods; however, there have been several rescues.