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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden says the federal government will buy half a billion COVID-19 rapid test kits and distribute them free of charge to people to use at home.

The administration is still working on details for how the program will work, but here’s what we know right now.

Does the government have the tests?

Not yet. As of this week, the departments of Defense and Health and Human Services were “executing on what’s called an ‘accelerated emergency contract,'” White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said. The contract is expected to be signed soon.

When would we actually get our hands on a test?

The first delivery is expected in early January. All 500 million kits will not arrive at the same time but instead will be delivered in batches.

My drug store doesn’t have a free test. Can I still get one free from the government?

You’ll go to a new government website to request a kit, but the site won’t be functional until after the first batch of test kits have been delivered, Psaki said. She said the process was being handled that way to avoid creating more confusion for the public. The idea is that anyone who wants a test kit would log onto this website to request one.

“We’re obviously not going to put the website up until there are tests available,” Psaki said.

Which home test will I get?

It’s unclear. But Psaki noted that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved several different brands of rapid home tests that are currently on the market.

How many kits can I request at a time?

To be determined, Psaki said.

Why is Biden doing this?

The president has said the administration wants to increase COVID-19 testing to stop help the spread of COVID-19 as the omicron variant rapidly spreads across the United States.

Biden’s promise of 500 million test kits is in addition to the administration’s earlier pledge to send 50 million rapid tests to community health centers across the country.

How much will this cost the government?

The purchase will be paid for with money from the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill Biden signed into law in March, the White House said. The exact cost will be known soon.

Is there another way to get an at home test for free?

Biden said in a speech Tuesday that, starting in January, private insurers will cover the cost of at-home testing. So people will have the option of buying tests at a store or online and then seeking reimbursement from their health insurance provider.

The government will also provide access to free at-home tests for people who may not have health insurance, Biden said.