AUSTIN (KXAN) — Dr. Bert Johansson understands COVID-19 fatigue perhaps better than most — he’s been fighting the virus on the front lines for roughly two years now. Even though many of us are feeling exhausted two years in, Johansson says it’s not time to let your guard down yet.

“I like to use a a boxing analogy and say in a 10 round match we are in round five,” he said.

The El Paso doctor is also an executive board member of the National Hispanic Medical Association and has a deep history of researching deadly viruses. He said while progress has been made with the vaccine, it doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods.

He is also seeing COVID-19 fatigue and people comparing the virus to the yearly flu.

“I’ve done a great deal of research on influenza which yes, comes every year but it also kills a great deal of people. In 2009 we saw a flu pandemic where millions of people died,” he said. “This thing can continue to mutate and we could be stuck with it for a very long time.”

He urges you to do one thing.

“Please get vaccinated, it’s not the mark of the beast, we don’t put 5G chips in it, it’s not going to make you sterile. Think of your loved ones and young ones. Get vaccinated, get boosted,” Johansson said.