AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you have fully recovered from COVID-19, We Are Blood wants your plasma.

The blood supplier is launching a convalescent plasma program to support local hospitals requesting plasma from COVID-19 patients.

WRB says the plasma from recovered patients contains antibodies that may be helpful for treating patients still battling the virus. Plasma is the clear liquid portion of blood that remains after blood cells, platelets and other components are removed.

In order to qualify, people must have had a prior lab-tested diagnosis of COVID-19 and be at least 14 days without symptoms. AT 14-28 days without symptoms, people will need a negative test in order to donate. After 28 days symptom-free, there’s not negative test confirmation needed. Every donor must meet standard blood donor criteria.

“We Are Blood is pleased to begin collecting convalescent plasma donations that will be used to treat COVID-19 patients in Central Texas hospitals,” said Marshall Cothran, We Are Blood CEO.

“During this crisis, the community has responded by donating blood for patients in need. Now those who have recovered from COVID-19 may help others too,” Cothran said.

In the past, the organization says convalescent plasma has been used as a lifesaving treatment for patients when no treatments pr vaccines were available for new viruses or diseases.

It hasn’t been shown to effective against COVID-19 yet, but the FDA is facilitating access to convalescent plasma for use in patients with life-threatening COVID-19 infections given the public health emergency the pandemic presents.

People who want to donate need to fill out a form to see if they qualify to be a donor.

Austin Public Health Interim Authority Dr. Mark Escott said that every University of Texas at Austin student he spoke to that contracted COVID-19 after a spring break trip to Mexico is willing to donate plasma.