AUSTIN (KXAN) — A steady stream of students and staff visited the Proactive Community Testing center at the University of Texas at Austin Tuesday.

There are currently three of these centers on campus, in service for staff and students who are asymptomatic only.

PCR tests results come back within 12 hours, while rapid test results come back within 30 minutes.

“It’s really simple,” sophomore Justin Ye said. “All you have to do is sign up on the website and book an appointment.”

According to UT’s COVID dashboard, about 5% of students and staff who have gotten tested within the last seven days are positive. With all classes required to have a virtual option until Jan. 31, not everyone is required to be back on campus yet.

Jessica Klima, director of Proactive Community Testing at UT, said the group has enough tests to sustain the increased demand expected when everyone comes back to campus.

“There’s a request that folks test prior to their return to campus and delaying the start of in-person classes,” she said. “It’s kind of stretched out the period of return, and that’s been a good benefit to not overwhelm our resources here in Austin.”

Klima also said another testing center will open on Jan. 31 to help with the demand. It’ll be a floater site and its location will change frequently.

Some students told KXAN they haven’t been asked to show their results to anyone.

“Truthfully, they recommend us to go get tested and present a negative test, but they didn’t ask for mine when I came to campus,” freshman Deeangel Trin said.

According to UT’s website, students can self-submit their test results online. Students living in residence halls do need to show a negative test when they check in.