(KXAN) — As the coronavirus is traveling across the country, Americans are becoming less inclined to do the same. Under stress as the outbreak spreads several airlines have increased their flight cancellations and begun waiving fees for those who had purchased flights to at-risk countries.

Here is a list of the airlines that have updated their cancellation and waiver policies:

  • Alaska Airlines
    • Up to March 12, Alaska Airlines will suspend cancellation and change fees for travelers who changed their plans due to the coronavirus.
  • American Airlines
    • Flight change fees will be waived for any tickets purchased before March 16, as long as the change is made no more than 14 days before the original flight. Also, any traveler with plans to go to an at-risk country (Italy, South Korea, China) is eligible for a one-time fee-free trip cancellation. Additionally, flights from Dallas and LA to mainland China and Hong Kong have been suspended and flights from New York and Miami to Milan have also been canceled.
  • Delta Airlines
    • Implementing a fee-free one-time cancellation or change for anyone traveling to Italy before March 15, or to China and South Korea before April 30.
  • Hawaiian Airlines
    • Flights from Hawaii to South Korea have been canceled from March 2 to April 30. Customers can also get travel-change waivers for any trips to China until March 31.
  • JetBlue
    • Suspended change and cancellation fees for reservations through March 11.
  • United Airlines
    • Waive change fees for any books, domestic or international, made between March 3, and March 31. Additionally, all flights to China have been suspended until April 30.