TRAVIS COUNTY (KXAN) — Travis County has launched a new program to get more Black residents vaccinated.

The “40K Your Way” program, with the help of community organizations, will share information on where to get vaccinated.

According to Travis County, only about 36% of Black residents have been given the first series of vaccinations, the lowest rate compared to other races and ethnic groups in the county. The 40K Your Way program’s goal is to reach the 70% mark, with about 40,000 more Black residents receiving two doses of Pfizer or Modern vaccines or one Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted existing inequities in our community. Based on our current vaccination rates, we must all come together and do better for our fellow neighbors,” said Jeffrey Travillion, Travis County Commissioner for Precinct One, in a press release. “I’m proud of Travis County’s continued efforts to protect our vulnerable populations by educating our public and providing easily accessible vaccine opportunities.” 

Learn more about the program on the 40K Your Way’s website.