AUSTIN (KXAN) — A Drexel University study says the stay-at-home orders in Austin-Travis County saved nearly 5,000 lives.

The Dornsife School of Public Health at the Philadelphia university partnered with the Big Cities Health Coalition to analyze and calculate how stay-at-home orders factored into fewer hospitalizations, and ultimately fewer deaths, due to COVID-19.

Austin-Travis County is part of the Big Cities Health Coalition, as well, and the study showed that stay-at-home orders issued March 24 saved an estimated 4,988 lives 45 days after the orders went into effect. If the data is stretched to 60 days, the stay-at-home orders could save an estimated 5,741 lives, the study said.

The study showed an estimated 45,898 fewer hospitalizations due to people staying home (as opposed to continuing social interactions as usual) for 45 days after the orders, and 54,908 fewer at 60 days out.

Epidemiologists’ models published in the New York Times were used by the university to calculate the numbers.

Throughout the country, the calculations say 2.1 millions hospitalizations were avoided and more than 200,000 lives were saved.