SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KXAN) — San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg is engaging the community through social media to keep people updated on the city’s plan against COVID-19.

In a series of Facebook posts Tuesday and Wednesday, Nirenberg offered practical advice and tips for people to help against a potential spread of the disease, and a summary of what city leaders are doing.

This is all in response to the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention prematurely releasing a quarantined patient who tested positive for the novel coronavirus Monday after going to a shopping mall. The patient, who was sent to Joint Base Lackland in San Antonio after visiting Wuhan, China, was put back into quarantine after the test results came back.

It forced Nirenberg to declare a public health emergency in the city.

Nirenberg stressed that no community transmitted cases in San Antonio have been reported, and the city will “continue to mount an aggressive education campaign to prevent the spread of this virus.”

Previously, Nirenberg broke down what happened after the CDC released the quarantined patient before they should have.